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The three major networks in one application: GSM + LTE + WiFi. Stay continously reachable and seamlessly connected while at home, at
the office, on the move, in rural areas and even worldwide.
NUSCH turns the world into your home-zone.
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A single app does it all: Mobile calls, vdeo-audio-text-chat, SMS-texts, sharing media, location and more smooth and intuitive at your fingertips.
Simple is better, right? Therefore most functions are automated or can be controlled on a single screen. And another best of all: Keep everything as it is. Keep your mobile number and your phone.
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➊ Don´t tell us your name, email address or financial details. ➋ Register with just your mobile number. ➌ Chat and share via Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256-bit encryption) over HTTPS.
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